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Animal-Assisted Programs & Theraputic Interventions

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To Kids Around New Jersey

We specialize in age-appropriate anti-bullying and anti-hate programs with a couple of Pawsitively unique touches:

  • We combine our anti-bullying/hate messages with humane education to raise awareness of issues important to wildlife and domesticated friends.
  • Our anti-bullying programs target specific behaviors, drawing attention to elusive problems like, gossip, exclusion and insensitivity.

We also provide a limited number of animal-assisted interventions and services to individuals and small groups.

If you have questions or need more information please send an email to [email protected] 

The Pawsitive Team's Blog Themes

Mondays: The Piggies' Mondays blog offers tips for learning social skills, body-language, and self-control.

Tuesdays: The Tuesdays with Salem blog sheds light on the issues of hate and stereotyping.

Wednesdays: Resilience is the theme of the Wolfer Wednesdays blog.

Thursdays: Visit Bella Zoi's Beautiful Life blog for stress management and anxiety reducing tips and exercises.

Fridays: The anti-bullying blog The Assembully Line, how to stop making bullies.